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So Frogstar has done it again! At We ❤ RP this gem has been released. The Woodcutter’s Cottage is a wonderfully created building that is perfect for tucking away in the back of a wooded sim. Best part, it is only 11LI! Not to mention with it being out at We ❤ RP it is 40% off, which will put it at 250L, which is a total steal. I would hurry up and go grab yourself this cottage ASAP before this round ends!

We ❤ RP SLurl:






And we fight
Like there’s a war going on
We fight like guns and daggers are drawn
We fight all night and into the dawn
And wonder what went wrong
And were at war


Often we have to battle at the unseen and within ourselves. Leaving us to wonder what we had to did to bring ourselves to this point in our lives. Is there a hope at the end of the tunnel? When the smoke clears what will surface and be the answer to the troubles we have battled with inside of ourselves?

Chained and pulled in a dozen different directions, there is no escape. No end to the torment of that which rages within. Is there an end?

And were at war
Won’t someone wave the white flag
There’s a chance we might still last
Retreat and get back on track
All we want is our love back
Dont want us to be strangers
Is still love you


Skin:Glam Affair – Vera – America 02
Hair:.ploom. Brooke (Mainstore)
Eyes:Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
Wings: SN ~ Seraph II Consort Wings
Outfit:::HH:: Hucci Circolo Bodysuit – White
Hands:Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Pose: {Rook} The Angel – Torn(1st)
{Rook} The Angel – Chained (2nd) ((Not yet released))

The Shining Ones


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The Seelie Court is open and ready to roll, well its been open since the 18th and is going to remain open until September 8th! If you haven’t swung by, I would highly recommend it.

Seelie Court SLurl:

Skin: [:T:] Claire / powder :: Elementary Pack
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0
Hair: [e] Brenna
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
Dress: The Muses . My Lady . blue/silver *
Headpiece: .Keystone. Trini – Golden ~ Blue Spinel*
Pose: {Rook} Poses – Butterfly in a Jar 2*

* Available at The Seelie Court


The Seelie Court


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A new event has started and I am so excited over it, not only because it leans to the side of fantasy I am all but obsessed with, but because I am participating in the opening round. {Rook} Poses has joined up with The Seelie Court and has released four new items for this event. This month’s event is called Welcome to Fairie! Which means…all the fae items you can think of! I would go if I were you, I know I did a  lot of hand flapping and squealing when I saw what was up for sale there. I have NOT gotten any photos done for it with others items, but that is SO next on my plan kids. OH YES IT IS!

If you want to know more about this event go check out the blog – The Isle of Myrth.

Participating Merchants:
{Rook} Poses
Poet’s Heart
Bliensen + MaiTai
Uncertain Smile
Kitty Moon
*paper moon*
Synsational Shorties
The Muses

The Seelie Court SLurl:



Swamp Song


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Every part of the world carries its own song, be it from nature herself or the sounds of humanity burning through those natural notes. Whole some may seem out of place, they still add to the chords of life. Remember to sit back, relax, and just listen to the world around you.

What music do you hear? The orchestra of car horns and screeching of human voices? The rush of the wind between buildings? The silence of the land around you? The beat of your own heart to mix with the song of the bird? What calls to you where you live?

For me it is the sound of water rushing through reeds, chirp of bugs skittering around through the air. A chirp of a bird morning, noon, and night. The rush of trucks along the freeway only a treeline away. Mixed in with the screams of children and yelling of adults. It is a bit of everything in this small town I reside in. Yet, somehow I still manage to find a beauty among the crass, ear grating sounds.

So…there are a bajillion events going on these days. Well, when is there NOT? But I have been finding them to be interesting to look into…to check out. I do not always get to them myself, but I totally try.

Anyway, first off there is District 5 going on. Which is where you’ll find the hair from .ploom. right now. I’d totally get it, because once again, .ploom. has hit the hair on the nail again. I’m in love with the relaxed style of hair that is long and not up-swept.

Now, this shanty is from Frogstar and I am in -LOVE-! It reminds me of some places around where I grew up. While I don’t live in a place where swamp land is well known, but we do have it. There were some of swamp shanties hanging out in the wetlands and they looked sort of like this one. The texture job is amazing..just amazing. I love LOVE Frogstars stuff! Right now this is up at The Fantasy Collective and is 30% off….soooo its 125L atm…so, if I were you. GET IT!

Skin: [:T:] Claire / powder :: Elementary Pack
Eyes: Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
Hair: .ploom. Nancy*
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)
Top: Apple May Designs – Hazel Mesh Top – Cream
Shirts: *Epic* Kyoot Pocket Denim Shorts {Fat Pack} x189
Violin: [GW] Skull Violin Brittlestone
House: Frogstar – Swampland Shanty**

*District 5 –
**The Fantasy Collective –



Vacation or Bust!


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These past few weeks I have been getting ready for events and handling things in my non-SLife. I’ve been trying to enjoy my summer break from my endless college classes, but things keep leaping out and smacking me in the face. I have also come to realize, I have REALLY got to get off my work platform more often than I do. HA!

So I’ve decided I am going to force myself to go out and explore. A lot of it boils down to is I am actually seriously worried over judgement of other people, I know silly and dumb. BUT I am. SO, going out has always been pushed off to the side unless someone goes with me. It’ll be good for me!

So question is…where would -you guys- recommend checking out? Be it a sim, a club, a this…a that…any of it.

But outside of that .ploom. is in The Big Show this round! I utterly fell in love with this hair. A lot of that love is because it is how I used to wear my hear in RL when I had all the hair. Heh! Anyway, its cute and is another hair that can be dressed up OR dressed down. I would totally recommend checking out The Big Show if you have not.


Skin: [:T:] Claire / powder
Hair: .ploom. Missy – The Big Show
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0
Eyeliner: [mock] Simpatico Eyeliner Only
Shirt: Coquet. August Sweater Set / Top – Beige – FaMESHed
Leggings: Gawk! Black Cotton Leggings
Shoes: *CASHMERE*Vintage Taylor Platforms(black)
Pose: {Rook} Fab 5 – 1 (discontinued)
Location: Noble Goes Dutch –


The Guard


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Another time, another place. Perhaps another world there is life that thrives in a different manner, perhaps the word ‘thrive’ is not a proper term. They survive. Harsh realities burn through their very existence, teaching them what and who they may trust. Sometimes those lessons are faulty…sometimes they are truth.

Yet, there are some among them that guard these harsh realities. They are…The Guard.

The Guard bring about a balance to the Truth and the Lies. The Light and The Dark.
They are Neutral.
Without them there would be an imbalance within this world…without The Guard there would be no world. Just endless war. A war to end all wars. A war that would kill any dreams, hopes, truth, or light. A war that would end nightmares, hopelessness, lies, and darkness.

Praise be The Guard.

But…is this Truth?
Or is this False?

Would you be brave enough to push the reality all knows? Or would you fall into the line of that which all know as

So this coming round of We<3 RP has Chariot within it! I don’t know about you, but I have this endless LOVE of the items made by Chariot. Each item is so unique…different. For me, I love the different. And to me this is different AMAZING. ANYWAY at We ❤ RP the Starwatcher hat is being released. I love…LOVE the make of it, Chariot does amazing work in creating their items and their texturing jobs are to DIE FOOOR!

Seriously, if I was you, I’d grab one of these!

We ❤ RP SLurl:

Hair: KOY – Hanni
Skin: Lumae :: Odette / Tone 4 – Dawns Kiss – Group Gift
Goggles/Outfit:14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster
Hat:[Chariot] StarWatcher 3 – Pale



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So I’ve been out of commission for longer than I would have liked, but I -finally- got my computer area set up where I can be comfortable and do things! I’m SUPER klutzy and have a lot of damage done to my body from my super active younger days, not that I’m that old…I just feel old. ANYWAY! So you know, I slipped down the stairs and tweaked my already messed up back. Then my knee decided it was going to give out under me so I’ve been hobbling around, which got me grounded to the bed and couch to keep my knee up. UG!

BUT we’re settled at the desk now…THANK YOU GOD!

Enough of that…we have Genre going on right now! AND Hair Fair. SO MANY THINGS!

*paper moon* has these super cute leggings out that have the harlequin pattern to them AND there are several color choices. I personally went with the red and black, because I’m classic like that…actually no. I wanted to use the mask and sooo the pants matched. HA! I have to say, once again *pm* did a wonderful job on the texturing! I utterly love love LOVE her texture jobs.

Then over at the Hair Fair, which ends on the 27th, .ploom. has several super cute hairs out. This one is known as Plasma. I have this thing for longer hair that hangs over the chest, because then I can do photos like this one and not flash the whole world. I know I’m such a prude. 😀  Anyway, the Plasma hair also has the choice of having a hair bow to go with it, which makes it look super adorable.

If I was you I’d run and grab both!

Genre SLURL:
.ploom. @ Hair Fair SLurl:


Skin: [:T:] Claire / powder
Hair: .ploom. Plasma @ Hair Fair
Eyes: Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Mask: Maschera sculpt nera seta
Pants: *pm* Velvet Harlequin Leggings (F) – Red & Black @ Genre
Pose: *FN* Delirium 2 – His Pose



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.ploom. – Inge

“Nobody wants to be alone
Everybody wants to love someone
Out of the tree go pick a plum
Why can’t we all just get along”

 -‘Androgyny’ Garbage

You’ll have to forgive me…touchy subject ahoy! Something I have been witnessing in my SL and RL lives…


So, this is a touchy subject with me. Why? Well I have met a LOT of people in SL that claim they are androgynous, but when I look at them I cannot see it. I mean, it could be because the person behind the screen is male/female and the toon is the other sex. So perhaps this is another form of androgyny, one that isn’t yet viewed as a ‘true’ meaning of it. Could it be? I honestly do not know.


So by that definition it very could work. Right? I don’t know. I guess it is because I have close friends that are androgynous and people have told them they are just a female wanting to be male or a male wanting to be female.

But really, could we all just see it like this…get over labels and just accept people for who they are.

Forget the labels folks! They aren’t worth our time and they feed distaste, hate, and the like.

With that…don’t forget to smile at someone you think is ‘different’. Smile at everyone. A smile to one person can change their whole view on their day and life.


ALSO! The OH MY GACHA venue is going on RIGHT NOW! I haven’t had a chance to buy yet, but I DID see a lot of cute things. Like the hair from .ploom.  cuz YEEE!! The Inge hair so super cute, I mean how can you NOT want it? I love it, its short and is feminine and masculine all at the same time. Go…find! A must has!



Skin: [:T:] Claire / powder
Hair: .ploom. Inge @ OMGacha!
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0
Hands: Slink Hands Female – Casual
Top: Apple May Designs – Simple Unbuttoned Shirt – Steel
Pants: L&B S’Wear Jeans “Flare” Womens – Mid Blue
Pose: MP – TOSL Pose 2


Atlantis is Falling


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The fires burn as the world shakes all around. Chaos churns in the air, the taste of fear is thick in the air. The tremor of the earth’s core signals that the end is nigh. Voices chase through the air..

Atlantis is falling.
Atlantis is burning.
Atlantis is ending.

Would there…could there be any savior? A way to safe such a world before the world around consumes what has become such a society?

Atlantis will fall

But it will survive as there is a magic that thrives in the very world, a magic that will conceal it from the rest of this planet. Magic that will make it become…myth.



We ❤ RP is having another round! [Chariot] is in this round and OH MY GAH!! The earrings are amazing! The detailed work on them is jaw dropping. They come in different colored stones and frankly each of them is beautifully done, I am in love. BUT! It does not stop there with [Chariot], there is another bit of jewelry, the Rosette of Sirius. Which is equally amazingly done. Again, DETAIL! I am in love with the detail.

Obviously it isn’t this round, BUT it will be available come the July round! Which is soon!


Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.LENE(LB)
Hair: MINA – Roosje
Eyes: FATEeyes v3.0
Teeth: + Pointed Demon Vampire Teeth +
Hands: Slink Hands Female – Casual
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET
Earrings: [Chariot] – Child of Atlantis earring – Amber of Kimpursha
Jewelry: [Chariot] – Rosette of Sirius – Amber of Kimpursha
Top: Alchemy – Huntress – Bronze
Collar: Alchemy – Huntress – Collar – Bronze
Belt: Alchemy – Huntress – Belt – Bronze
Wrist: Alchemy – Huntress- Wrist – Bronze
Pose: {Rook} Hestia