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In the world of business, be it real life or within the world of Second Life, having your brand figured out for yourself is a large step. Without a successful brand you will end up floundering to remain afloat in this wild world. Some of you may be asking yourself ‘what is a brand?’ This can easily be answered…

A brand is defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of business and to differentiate them from those of another.

Still not quite clear? Think of McDonalds, Apple, Nike, FedEx, and so much more. I’m sure a lot of you could come up with a lot of others…those are brands. A brand defines you as you, defines your business as your own. It stands you out from the crowd of others. There are a lot of brands in Second Life that a lot of us could name without a single bat of our lashes and a lot of others would know the store right off the top of their heads. This is branding.

Why is branding important? Without branding you blend into the crowd and this would not allow you to succeed.

A successful brand will achieve these objectives:

  • Articulate your message distinctly.
  • Demonstrate your credibility.
  • Emotionally connect to your target.
  • Inspire the buyer.
  • Solidify loyalty.

As you can see, branding is not all about your company…but how the outside world perceives you and your company. Ask yourself, how do people react to your business within SL? Is it a good or a bad reaction? Why?

How do your want to represent yourself and your business? What is -your- story and how does your brand reflect that? Having your brand be a part of yourself, of your history…of your story will help it achieve a higher level of success as it holds a connection to you in some way. After all, the things we hold closest to us, the things that are a part of our stories, we look after best.

Once you are able to establish the base of your brand you will be able to expand and toy with the ideas of your logo, your colors, your fonts, and even your communication style with your customers. While some people use names for their brands that are close to home, others are a bit more vague…like myself.  My store’s name is {Rook} Poses, or simply {Rook}. Some of you may know of it, some may not. When I sat down to name my store it took a long while to settle on a name that could be catching and held a meaning to myself.


  1. a common Old World gregarious crow
  2. either of two pieces of each color in a set of chessmen having the power to move along the ranks or files across any number of unoccupied squares

First and foremost, the rook is one of my favorite birds and second I adore playing chess and the Rook is my favored piece on the board. When I first started out I used an image of a rook flying, a lot of people where confused and after a lot of deliberation I changed my logo to the chess piece and now people are coming to recognize and remember my logo…my brand. While the first time around may not always be the best choice, there is always a chance to change things to better suit your needs…your brand, everything.

Sometimes it is indeed a good idea to check with a few others, people you trust, to look over your branding information to see if it all flows well together. Is it a cohesive unit? Is there a flow? Does it all make sense? Does the brand name go well with the image?

Remember…brainstorm your colors, themes, senses, textures, words, quotes, and what could be first impressions of your business?

I’ll be writing more on this here in the next few days…I know a lot of people that are waiting to follow up on all of this information, so yes, I am starting from the base up. While some of the people I know who what this information are well past this state of setting up…it does help to rehash and rethink…for me it helped find a foothold in my store again.


PS: None of this could be possible without a class I took through my college, giving me the chance to meet my instructor and have the chance to meet with her in second life. So, Zinnia Zauber, thank you…

Furniture and Props:

  • {C} Fairytale Mirror- Loyal
  • Frogstar – Little Black Dress(er) – ROMP
  • Frogstar – Hooty McOwlface Tote (Green) – 100 Block
  • Frogstar Box
  • *paper moon* bag
  • .Flutter. ~ Cursed Witch Snuggie Pillow
  • Frogstar – Bunny Boy Chair (Sea Green)
  • Frogstar – Stars Garland (Sour Lolly)
  • Paper Rabbit – Polkie Unicorn – Antique RARE
  • Frogstar – Mini Apothecary Chest (Blue)
  • Little Llama – Fluffy Unicorn Plush


  • .::WoW Skins::. Olga Darktan Nat
  • Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
  • .ploom. – Megan
  • *pm* Fruhlingszeit Eyes – Collector Pack – We ❤ RP
  • *pm* Burkhart Dress
  • *pm* Burkhart Boots
  • *pm* Runic Necklace
  • [Fetch] Untamed Earrings – Nine – Gacha
  • *Soonsiki~New Age Septum Rings – Group Gift