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The other day a friend of mine asked me what inspires me while working. Such a loaded questions if you ask me. After all, what does inspire a person? Is it the world around them? A theme of an event? Music? Movies? Popular culture? Perhaps even cultures past. Which ever thing out there that inspires you, hold on to it…explore it to all corners of that ‘world’ that is possible.

When you figure out what inspires you, you can then move on to what engages you and your business into the world around it. Some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What inspires you?
  2. What engages your business into the world around it?
  3. What stands in place for inclusion for you and your business?
  4. What about commerce?

I wrote a post about this on my store blog, it holds my answers towards engaging, inclusion, and commerce.


How do you see yourself and your business engaging in the world around it? What is your goal for your business? Is there a community out there that would be better fitting for your business to engage in? Is there a way for you to be able to place yourself within this world? Have you ever thought about engaging in simple talks with people of these communities where you could see yourself engaging?

There is also the idea of engaging to work with another creator, I have had the pleasure to work with a few other creators out there and found I enjoyed the engagement we carried throughout the project and even after the project has been completed.

I, personally, feel that engagement is a very important factor within the world of Second Life. After all, it is a world that is very focused around social interaction to one degree or another.


the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

Inclusion greatly ties into the engagement factor of business, but it is still within its own section. How do you and your business included out there in the Second Life business world? What do you do to find yourself included in many things? This is a rather hard thing to place within a digital world, but it is doable.

One of the more common ways is actually all degrees of social media. Social media is a large portion of how information is transferred within the Second Life world. I personally find a lot of my information out through Plurk or Flickr; although, there is still a lot of other forms of social media for being able to remain included in this world. It is a matter of finding what fits for -you-.


 an interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale between different countries (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce) trade; business.

Within Second Life we lean more towards the direction of Domestic Commerce, since by all technicality Second Life is the same country. Or simply, the same world. Have you ever thought about how your business plays into the commerce of our world? How could you become a part of SL commerce? What steps could you, personally, take to find yourself in a better position to have a better foot hold in the world of SL commerce?

One of the things I have had to do, and still do at times, is sometimes I do in fact have to put a little bit of USD into SL to obtain Lindens; however, over time I have been able to take Lindens and transfer them into USD. While it has taken time, more than I would have liked, I have actually been able to make back majority of the money I have put into Second Life.

I have found commerce to be one of the more difficult factors to find a foothold, while I have found something that works for me, it may not work for everyone.


Finally, your inspiration.

Did you know taking something you view as a hobby and turning it into your job can ruin the enjoyment that you, yourself, once held love within? One of the questions you could ask yourself…do you use your inspiration for yourself or for what you think customers will purchase? If you do, this -could- be a fault in your business plan. If you do not truly love the object you are making it is a slim chance that it will sell or perhaps even your business will not get far. Remember, this is not an every time case, but is quite a popular belief among many out there.

Other things you may want to wonder or ponder on…

  • Are you over extended from one source of inspiration? Such as, are you over doing it from -one- thing?
  • Are your source of inspiration all over the place? Being scattered could hinder your creativity on a single project; however, it could be good for your brand on a whole.
  • Is your inspiration something that speaks to you deep inside or are you drawing inspiration from the popular factors of the world around us? Or perhaps both?

Not all of this is a set in stone formula, but perhaps it might help you figure out where you and your business might be struggling. Perhaps not. Sometimes it helps for us to sit back and review these things, more so if it has been quite a while since you last thought about it.

Again…there is so much more information to be shared

❤ Nadia

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