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Frogstar has done it again, after all…how could they not? I cannot lie, I utterly -LOVE- the items Ravenna Rossini makes for Frogstar. There is a lot of detail into her items, even items that are simple in nature. I -adore- them.

The invitation station is filled with cute little details…from the invites on the top, to the stars hanging off the sides, how each box is labeled in chalk, to the items within the box on the top of the desk.

The metal Kraken and arrow are equally well done…the Kraken comes in blue, gold, silver, and green. The arrow comes in silver, gold, and wood. Each all wonderfully textured.

The Frost Chalk Note Board, also highly detailed, is available out at Frogstar’s main store at the full price, which is still super affordable!


$90L -I  Took an Arrow Wall Décor – Frogstar – We ❤ Role Play – Opened Jan 4
$100L – The Metal Kraken wall décor  – Frogstar – The Fantasy Collective – Opened Jan 20
$100L – The Invitation Station – Frogstar – Genre – Opened Jan 15
$125L – The Frosty Chalk Note Board – Frogstar – Past Lazy Sunday