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Another time, another place. Perhaps another world there is life that thrives in a different manner, perhaps the word ‘thrive’ is not a proper term. They survive. Harsh realities burn through their very existence, teaching them what and who they may trust. Sometimes those lessons are faulty…sometimes they are truth.

Yet, there are some among them that guard these harsh realities. They are…The Guard.

The Guard bring about a balance to the Truth and the Lies. The Light and The Dark.
They are Neutral.
Without them there would be an imbalance within this world…without The Guard there would be no world. Just endless war. A war to end all wars. A war that would kill any dreams, hopes, truth, or light. A war that would end nightmares, hopelessness, lies, and darkness.

Praise be The Guard.

But…is this Truth?
Or is this False?

Would you be brave enough to push the reality all knows? Or would you fall into the line of that which all know as

So this coming round of We<3 RP has Chariot within it! I don’t know about you, but I have this endless LOVE of the items made by Chariot. Each item is so unique…different. For me, I love the different. And to me this is different AMAZING. ANYWAY at We ❤ RP the Starwatcher hat is being released. I love…LOVE the make of it, Chariot does amazing work in creating their items and their texturing jobs are to DIE FOOOR!

Seriously, if I was you, I’d grab one of these!

We ❤ RP SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fot/69/103/22

Hair: KOY – Hanni
Skin: Lumae :: Odette / Tone 4 – Dawns Kiss – Group Gift
Goggles/Outfit:14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster
Hat:[Chariot] StarWatcher 3 – Pale